Ethereum based Blockchain governance services: Bitnation – a decentralized marketplace for government services

Ethereum blockchain based platform to provide better governance standards

Many of the companies as well as authorities all over the world are trying to tap into the blockchain technology in order to make it easier for the governments and companies to provide services to their customers. One such platform which we are speaking about today is specifically designed to remove the shortcomings of the governmental bureaucratic system.

The government of United Kingdom has invested over € 20 million in order to build a platform which would make it easier for the government to provide services to the citizens.

Some of the goals of creating such a platform include:

  • Better traffic management
  • Efficient utilization of teaching resources
  • Efficient healthcare system

More and more governments are actually realizing the importance of blockchain technology. Thus, they are investing in such platforms or partnering with blockchain based start-ups in order to create such platforms.

The downside of blockchain-based platforms:

By design, blockchain based platforms are actually decentralized. The governments all over the world, however, are trying to create a blockchain based platform which they have complete control with. The problem is that this goes against the basic design of the blockchain-based platforms. Therefore, a middle way is being drawn in order to address the needs of the governments as well as create a blockchain based platform which would help the citizens as well.

Also, Bitnation provides such a solution for the governments as well as service providers in order to provide services to the various stakeholders. The platform is based on smart contract execution. This ensures that the normal citizens are able to buy the products and services quite easily. Owing to the transparency as well as a lower transaction cost, the fees would be on the lower side as well. This ensures that people are able to get timely services without having to pay through the nose.

Such a platform when integrated on a national scale would actually cut down the losses of the bureaucratic system significantly. It would make the governments much more efficient. Moreover, each and everything can be tracked which would ensure that the citizens are able to get the service which they have the rights over. This would also make the governments much more efficient as they would know that each and every move of the government, as well as the service which is provided by the government, can now be tracked with the help of the blockchain based platform.

Adam Webb is editor in Smartereum, blockchain and currency news, where he produces updates on Blockchain, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies.

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