Xunlei Joins Hyperledger, Contributing to Global Blockchain Technology Development

Cloud giant Xunlei has officially joined the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger community, becoming the newest member of the international blockchain alliance. Hyperledger is a global collaborative project promoting cross-industry and cross-border blockchain technologies. More than 120 companies from around the world are currently members. The roster includes global industry heavyweights such as Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, JP Morgan Chase and IBM. Hyperledger enables cooperation between member organizations to create enterprise grade, distributed ledger frameworks and code bases to support business transactions across various sectors.

Hyperledger’s goal is to build a cross-industry and cross-border blockchain technological standard. As China’s internet giant, Xunlei can collaborate with global companies through the Hyperledger community to enhance the application of blockchain technology across industries and advance technological progress in the space.

Xunlei’s ThunderChain, which represents the Blockchain 3.0 generation, can positively contribute to the Hyperledger community in two significant ways. From a technological perspective, ThunderChain is the one of first few blockchain platforms that can achieve over a million transactions per second (TPS), with a confirmation processing capability of seconds. Blockchain technologies hosted under Hyperledger, including Fabric (which serves as a foundation for developing applications and solutions with a modular architecture), are currently unable to achieve such rapid processing speeds. And just recently, Xunlei announced the ThunderChain File System (TCFS), a distributed file system for data storage and authorized distribution. With TCFS, Blockchain developers and enterprises can build decentralized applications with distributed data storage and integration. Through knowledge-sharing of these advanced capabilities of ThunderChain and technical cooperation, Xunlei could help improve Hyperledger’s technological capabilities.

On the other hand, financial enterprises account for a considerable proportion of the Hyperledger community, however blockchain technology is applicable to a wider range of industries such as medical, retail and public welfare. On the ThunderChain platform, there are already a massive number of applications being developed outside of the financial field, including applications for genetic testing and intellectual property protection. Furthermore, Xunlei has encouraged applying blockchain to various sectors through its Blockchain Applications Global Challenge, and in 2018 the top 10 winners applied blockchain to different industries including Healthcare, Public Welfare, Sports, Product Identification and Information Verification. Lastly, the shared computing model, used by millions of ThunderChain participants, is considered the largest C-end blockchain application. Xunlei may thus enrich the Hyperledger community and the global blockchain ecosystem by providing expertise on how blockchain can be applied to a wide range of industries beyond finance. Hyperledger also has the capability to further strengthen ThunderChain by fostering connections to the multinationals within its network.


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