Bitcoin (BTC) Still Remains the Best Digital Currency Investment Option, Says Bart Smith – A Wall Street Trader

The head of digital currency at Susquehanna (a trading giant) – Bart Smith, said that Bitcoin (BTC) still remains the best digital currency investment option for investors as the digital currency is being used functionally. He said that if you are looking to acquire a digital currency that you can actually use today and with high functionality, then Bitcoin (BTC) is the coin for you.

Bitcoin (BTC) Use Cases

Bitcoin (BTC), the most valuable digital currency in the world by market capitalization, has been one of the digital currencies in the crypto space that has been under severe scrutiny over the past months as regulatory bodies try to figure out how digital currencies should be used.

But what gives Bitcoin (BTC) the competitive edge over other digital currencies is the fact that it has a lot of use cases – says Bart Smith. He said “if you are looking at the use cases of other altcoins, lightning network, or smart contracts or other tech advancements, he thinks that people are coming to realize that those things are actually not easy and they are not coming anytime soon.

He also said that many people work in one nation and send money to their loved ones in other nations – a circumstance that is very BTC-friendly. He pointed that the use of traditional banks and Western Union is quite expensive and slow, and there are people that can actually stop the transaction.

With Bitcoin (BTC), you can send your money to whoever you want, it is cheap and fast, and no one can stop your transaction.

Bitcoin Price Today: Current Price of BTC

At the time of writing, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $6,370. The market cap of Bitcoin is $109.21 billion and its trading volume over the past twenty-four hours is $4.17 billion.

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