Binance Says It Will Complete the Token Migration of Tron (TRX) In the Next Seven Days

Binance – one of the most popular digital currency trading platforms in the world – is still in the process of facilitating the token migration of Tron (TRX) that started on June 21. The trading platform has had a remarkable partnership with Tron Foundation.

Binance has promised to facilitate the continual migration of Tron tokens for users that were not able to transfer their tokens to the supported trading platforms that were mentioned by the Tron Foundation earlier.

The Tron (TRX) Token Migration on Binance Has Taken Longer Than Expected

Nevertheless, the migration on Binance platform has taken longer than expected, and the tokens of users are locked up on the trading platform. Deposits and withdrawals are still not active on the trading platform, making a lot of TRX HODLers to miss out on the ongoing elections of Tron’s Super Representative since they can’t stake their tokens on the explorer of Tron.

Withdrawals and Deposits to Resume Soon on Binance

Both the Tron Foundation and Binance have voiced their regret for the unanticipated delay of withdrawals and deposits on the trading platform. The Tron Foundation announced that both teams are working so hard to facilitate the migration. Saying that withdrawal and deposit services are expected to return soon – within a week.

What a lot of Tron traders believe, is that immediately withdrawal and deposit services resume on Binance, the cross-exchange/wallet or trading of TRX tokens will get back to regular volumes like it was before Tron’s Mainnet launch.

If this happens, there will be an increase in demand for the digital currency, and this will possibly boost the value of the digital currency that is currently trading at $0.035. With the completion of the migration and the secret project of Tron scheduled to be unveiled by the end of this month, the value of Tron could attain a greater height in the coming months.

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