Bitcoin Price Analysis BTC/USD: Bearish divergence on lower time frames

Bearish Divergence on lower time frames.

Bitcoin -3.13% continues to move up bearish channel without pole trading out of it making lower highs and lower lows. Overall outlook bearish . Also we have major rumors of Binance hack starting to circulate and work its way into the market. As stated before, would not long without clean break above $6,550. Waiting for confirmation of volume below 6,500 before shorting.

Major support between $6,270-6,6250.

I believe the Binance hack has yet fully play out which is a major wild card here. I long without confirmation of a clean break above 6550 is not advisable.

The President and Co-Founder of TenX – Julian Hosp Believes That the Value of Bitcoin BTC Could the $60k Mark by the End of This Year

The values of digital currencies have taken a serious hit over the past couple of months, as the bears seem to be in control of the market. However, movement on the regulatory front has given a lot of investors and enthusiasts hope and it has lifted their spirits.

One executive of a digital currency startup believes that the value of Bitcoin (BTC) could get to as high as $60k by the end of this year, irrespective of its drastic decline from the high of almost $20k in December last year to the $6k range.

Speaking at the RISE tech conference in Hong Kong, the president and co-founder of TenX (a digital currency wallet) – Julian Hosp, said that he expected the value of BTC to decline to the $5k mark after it got to its highs in December last year, and he is very confident that the value of the coin will surge to the $60k level by this year.

Positive Events and Developments Are Needed

Julian Hosp said that a key positive event is required in order to achieve the forecasted value of the coin. He added that such a key event could be a Bitcoin (BTC) exchange traded fund (ETF) coming to fruition or a country making a positive announcement regarding BTC. He said if such an event takes place, it would help the value of the coin skyrocket to the $60k mark.

Hosp added that the value of the coin needs to surge over the $10k level by August. If this happens, media coverage will be super positive, making it possible for the coin to achieve the $60k price.

Adam Webb is editor in Smartereum, blockchain and currency news, where he produces updates on Blockchain, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies.


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