IOTA Community is Toxic and the Technology Has Scaling Issues?

The most popular non-blockchain cryptocurrency, IOTA recently received public criticism from Erinn Atwater. Erinn Atwater is a security PhD candidate and director of Open Privacy Society at the University of Waterloo in Canada. She said that IOTA and the community supporting the tech needs to take a long look at the mirror. She said that the IOTA community is toxic and encouraged other members of the cryptocurrency community to avoid it. She posted her opinion on Twitter and got responses from various people online.

IOTA Community is Toxic?

In her words:

“The IOTA community is toxic. Honest criticism is always met with brigading which typically includes attempts to discredit credentials from experts, get them fired and take control of their accounts illegally. I’ve been uncertain regarding sharing my opinion about the community for a long time now.”

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This was one out of a series of Tweets she uploaded on her official Twitter page. She claims that she spent a week gathering information about IOTA. She claims that the community cannot accept criticism and would do everything within its power to experts who speak against them. She questioned the project roadmap claiming that the present arrangement of networks is prone to scalability issues. The scalability issues are most likely to surface when more users join the platform.

Within a few hours after she posted her opinion, the tweet had been retweeted more than 100 times and liked you to 500 times. There were mixed responses from various parts of the cryptocurrency community. While some agreed with Atwater, some others said she was being unfair. Some insisted that she doesn’t understand how the ecosystem works.

After various people posted their opinions, she posted more comments claiming that most of the accounts that were against her were astroturf bot accounts created by the IOTA community for campaign purposes.


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