Major League Baseball (MLB) Partners to Expand Its Fan Base with Ethereum (ETH)

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The blockchain technology is one of the most promising technologies the world has ever seen. Blockchain technology has a lot of potential and applications, and so many industries and firms are beginning to see its amazing benefits. This is why a lot of industries are now adopting the technology, including the financial industry.

Major League Baseball

Another industry in the spotlight of the adoption of this technology is the sports industry. Major League Baseball wants to adopt blockchain technology to boost its fan base. It announced on Friday that it has secured a partnership with a Los Angeles-based blockchain startup – Lucid Sight, to launch a decentralized game on Ethereum to enable baseball enthusiasts to interact with their favorite moments during the games.

MLB Crypto Baseball

The title of the game will be MLB Crypto Baseball, and it will work just like CryptoKitties, which had a direct influence on the new game of the baseball league – according to Kenny Gersh, MLB executive vice president of new business ventures and gaming.
In order to play this game, the users need to buy ETH and send it to MetaMask – a very popular Ethereum ETH browser wallet. After that, users can trade digital avatars tied to certain moments in recent games while earning stickers and rewards.
Octavio Herrera’s Remark
Octavio Herrera – the co-founder of Lucid Sight, said that they are hoping the game can reach out to a wider range of users, not just people that are tech inclined. He also said that the game will be rolled out in stages, but users will have to purchase ETH and transfer it to MetaMask in order to play the game.
Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – BTC / USD

NamePrice24H %

At the moment, Ethereum (ETH) is trading at $431. It has a market cap of $43.76 billion and a trading volume of $1.44 billion over the past twenty-four hours. This game will eventually increase the adoption of the coin, and an increase in adoption will result in an increase in the value of the coin.

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