Google ad network misused to spread cryptocurrency malware that mines Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins

Google ad network misused to spread cryptocurrency malware. Google ad network is one of the biggest advertising networks on the Internet. It has millions of websites displaying its advertisements. It is also the by default advertising platform which is used by publishers as well as advertisers. Recently, it was misused by the hackers to spread the cryptocurrency malware.

The advertisements actually prompted the users to unknowingly download Coinhive which then made the use of the computing power in order to mine cryptocurrencies. This malware was actually spread through various advertisements on the Google ad network. It installed without the permissions of the user. Owing to this very reason, most of the users did not even come to know that such a malware was being used on their computer.

This kind of malware also has a name and is known as crypto jacking. It is used by the cryptocurrency hackers in one form or the other. It actually uses the computing power of the computers which are impacted. Due to this very reason, without buying any hardware, the hackers are able to mine the cryptocurrencies and since most of the cryptocurrencies are anonymous, they are able to collect them in their wallet quite easily as well.

In most of the systems, Monero cryptocurrency was actually mined as it is one of the cryptocurrencies which provides complete anonymity. Owing to this very reason, the hackers could not be detected easily.

Trend Micro was actually the company which found out about the malware and it reported the same to Google. Owing to this very reason, Google was able to stop such malicious advertisements. This is the reason why currently, such advertisements are not being served on the Google network.

Crypto jacking schemes

However, this is just one instance of crypto jacking which has been detected by Trend Micro. There are various other schemes which are in place as well. In most of the cases, all the users would be just noticing that the computers are on the slower side. They would not be able to detect the actual script or the cryptocurrency which is being mined. Thus, it is a good idea to always scan your computer in case, it is performing slowly as compared to the normal standards. This is one of the main reasons why you have to always be alert about the advertisements which you are clicking on the websites which you are visiting.

For now, however, it is easy to detect the script as it has been detected by antivirus program.

Adam Webb is editor in Smartereum, blockchain and currency news, where he produces updates on Blockchain, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies.


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