The Price of Ethereum (ETH) Is Still In a Bearish Zone As It Trades Below the $450 Resistance Level

The presence of the bear are still very strong in the market, has a lot of digital currencies have failed to surge over their resistance levels over the past twenty-four hours. The value of Ethereum (ETH) is also struggling to amass enough bullish momentum against Bitcoin and the US dollar. But the digital currency is likely to make a bullish move provided it remains over the $420 mark.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – BTC / USD

Name Price24H (%)
Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH), which is the second largest digital currency in the world by market cap, is currently trading at $436.04 after an increase of 1.2 percent over the last twenty-four hours. The digital currency has a market cap of $44.14 billion and a trading volume of $1.21 billion over the past twenty-four hours.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Analysis

Over the past few days, there were continuous downward movements in the value of Ethereum below the $475 resistance level. The digital currency declined and broke the support levels at $460 and $455. It declined towards the $415.00 mark and formed a low at $417.

There was later an upward correction that saw the value of the coin rise over the $430 mark. Also, the value of the coin was able to break the 23.6 Fibonacci retracement level of the previous swing from the high of $497 to the low of $417.

Nevertheless, the upward correction was stopped by a resistance at the $442 level. Moreover, a declining channel is stopping gains with present resistance at $440 as indicated by the 4-hour chart of the coin. After this level, the next key resistance is at the $457 mark.

Looking at the chart, the value of the digital currency is still in a bearish territory with a major support close to the $420 mark. Provided the digital currency trades over its support level, chances are it will surge over the resistance at $457 in the short-term.

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