The Countdown for the Launch of Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) Has Started On the Official Site of Tron (TRX)

The official website of Tron now welcomes visitors with a new countdown for the launch of its Virtual Machine (TVM). At the time of writing (July 16th), the countdown of TVM reads 14 days and three hours. This means the Tron Virtual Machine will be launched officially on June 29. The alpha version of the Virtual Machine was released on May 25th, which is just six days before the launch of the Mainnet on May 31st.

What You Need To Know about the Tron Virtual Machine

The Tron Virtual Machine is a Turing, lightweight complete virtual machine built for the ecosystem of Tron. By referring to it as “Turing complete,” it means that it’s computationally universal and it can simulate other virtual machines out there.

The Tron Virtual Machine can connect flawlessly with other existing development ecosystems and it also supports Delegated Proof of Stake (DPS). It is also compatible with the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) to allow developers to easily transmit into the ecosystem of Tron by enabling them to debug and program in Solidity and other programming languages.

Immediately smart contracts are uploaded on the Mainnet of Tron, they’ll be executed on the Tron Virtual Machine of the SR node to be inaccessible from external connections. Tron Virtual Machine adopts the concept of bandwidth which is different from that of EVM as it uses gas mechanism.

This means that transactions carried out on the Tron Virtual Machine are free. But once a decentralized app or user exceeds the bandwidth, there’ll be a cost for utilizing the network. The Tron Virtual Machine is exceptional due to its features listed below:

  • It is compatible with other virtual machines out there – including the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
  • It is developer friendly
  • It is highly secure and stable
  • It is lightweight and performs efficiently

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