Top Security Mistakes In Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Space | Interview With Olayinka Odeniran

Today I sat down with Olayinka Odeniran for an interview to learn more about her contributions on blockchain and her path in the crypto space.

She is an experienced Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President for a global corporate governance firm, and a Cybersecurity Specialist with background in management and policy. She possesses extensive experience in the areas of investment company, investment advisory firms, asset management, hedge fund, cybersecurity and training. She is an industry leader at developing, implementing, and maintaining a strong compliance culture while meeting the most rigorous standards of internal/external auditors and regulators.

Cybersecurity expert  Olayinka Odeniran gives tips on how to be secure in the crypto space for investors in ICOs, startups and other related environment. She has more than sixteen years of experience in compliance in the financial industry.

Top Security Mistakes Startups and ICOs Should Avoid

The assumption of experience in cybersecurity

Many developers fail to understand that cybersecurity is not just system based but also people based. So ICOs, crypto exchanges, and startups must be mindful of this fact. Hackers try to gain access to such databases because they contain valuable information such as personal information, and money.

How can investors exercise caution?

Investors must try to understand the clear difference between a public key and a private key. The private key must be kept safe as well as the public key. They should not be shared with anyone. They must also learn the difference between the hot wallet and cold wallet. The internet is not safe, and all that is connected to it is unsafe, so it is ideal to make use of a cold wallet. Cold wallets such as ledgers are not connected to the internet.

Avoiding phishing scams

Phishing scams are more common today as hackers create emails and send it internet users to steal their information. These emails look legitimate and may be difficult to spot especially if you give out too much information on the internet.

An awareness campaign for internet users

There are lots of ways to learn how to be security conscious on the cyberspace. You can read all there is to know about it. These will help you to become mindful of the vulnerabilities and risks out there.

Challenges for women in blockchain

The ratio of male to female in Blockchain technology investing is disproportionate. The cybersecurity expert states that she is trying to create a future where there will be an equal interest of females and males in Blockchain technology.

On a final note, be security conscious when it comes to investing in ICOs, startups or cryptocurrencies as a whole.

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