How Plans To Take Over The Media Space And Compensate Content Creators – [Interview With CEO Jarrod Dicker]

Jarrod Dicker (the CEO of has a credible background in media, and he has been in the industry for a long time. Dicker has worked at several media companies over the years, and he has a lot of experience when it comes to media and engaging stories.

Jarrod Dicker

Jarrod Dicker is an entrepreneurial technology and media executive. Prior to joining, he was vice president of innovation and commercial strategy at The Washington Post where he oversaw the company’s technology, product, operations and strategy across all business platforms. While at the Post he also founded RED, the company’s research, experimentation and development group. Prior to that, he led product and technology teams at RebelMouse, Time Inc. and Huffington Post. He sits on the Board of Advisors for Rutgers University School of Innovation, mentors at Techstars IoT and is an advisor to MOGUL Inc., a technology platform that enables women worldwide to share ideas and access content based on personal interests.

Dicker said digital currencies can greatly impact the media industry and bring more players into it. He said with the easy accessibility of digital currencies all over the world, you can now open up revenue streams to audiences that might not be able to pay for contents.

What You Need to Know about is a distributed ledger platform that is aimed at reclaiming value for content consumers, publishers, and creators. With this platform, creators can create, own, and issue licenses for their content and make sure they get fair compensation for their work.

The Problem Solves Today

Ownership of digital asset is such a mess today, and this has resulted in inefficiencies in the industry, making it difficult for content creators to benefit from their works. This is where comes into play as it seeks to solve 3 key issues regarding ownership of digital assets on the internet today.

  • Utilization: it limits and defines who can license, repurpose, or use the content.
  • Ownership: it defines who owns a particular media content.
  • History: the original creator of the content.

This platform helps content creators to create anything that they think is valuable and store on the blockchain.

How Works?

The platform extends the hashing and timestamping features powered by Proof of Existence. This lets blockchain technology to get to new commercial applications. Generally, the CEO of the platform described the platform as a universal, shared blockchain platform designed to track attribution and ownership for digital creative assets in the world.

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