3LAU also known as Justin Blau, is a producer and a recording DJ from LA, Nevada. From starting very small and playing in parties in college, he quickly started controlling a large number of audience at the most prominent stages in Electronic Dance Music.

The First Ever Blockchain Pioneered Music Festival

The latest blockchain real-world application is here: Live Concerts – and 3LAU is the brainchild. The first ever blockchain pioneered music festival tagged “Our Music Festival” will take place on the 20th of October in San Francisco.

One of the highest paid DJs in the world – Zedd, will be present at the Civic Center Plaza of San Francisco, alongside other hip-hop and Electronic Dance Music acts. During the festival this year, the firm will launch its OMF toke, it is powered by the blockchain of Ethereum and it will be made available to the public after the event. The idea is that fans can use the tokens to buy tickets, merchandise, VIP upgrades, beverages, and food.

How Justin Blau Got Involved in the Blockchain Industry

During an interview, 3LAU said he got started with digital currency even before it got mainstream adoption. He said in 2014, he was with the Winklevoss brothers when they were working on their digital currency trading platform – Gemini.

He said he bought some Bitcoins then even though he doesn’t know much about digital currencies. He said what really got his attention was how fast you can move money around the world without any intermediary.

This made him do some findings and learn more about the underlying technology of digital currencies. He further investigated how this technology could eliminate most of the inefficiencies he has experienced in the music industry as an artist.

The Aim of the Project

The project is aimed at making the purchase of tickets much easier with OMF tokens. For OMF, it is an opportunity to adopt blockchain tech to solve the numerous issues in the music business – from ticket price inflation to scalping.

Here is the announcemet made by OMF:



Today OUR Music Festival [OMF], the first-ever “crypto-fueled festival,” has announced the lineup for their debut festival in the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday, October 20th. The festival has also opened a 24 hour presale exclusively to cryptocurrency users, enabling fans to get engaged with the technology and purchase tickets to the first of its kind event today using BTC, ETH, BCH and LTC.

OMF has assemble some of modern music’s most buzzed about stars for their debut edition including Platinum selling and multi-Grammy winner Zedd, hip hop kingpin Big Sean, acclaimed electronic dance music producer 3LAU, indie-pop duo Matt and Kim, and pop phenomenon Charlotte Lawrence. The festival will also feature the first ever “crypto-corner,” where fans can participate in an educational experience by some of the top blockchain companies from around the world on some of the new technologies being developed in the space.

OMF CEO 3LAU will be joining forces with groundbreaking blockchain entertainment studio SingularDTV and one of the largest independent festival promoters in the US Prime Social Group along with digital marketing firm CrowdWaves. On top of that, AM Only founder and Paradigm partner Paul Morris, as well as agency power players Lee Anderson, Hunter Williams, Zach Iser, Sam Hunt, and Phil Quist will be joining the team as strategic advisors on the event and talent side of the festival.

After exploring the potential synergies between blockchain technology and the festival business, the partners have identified solutions to mitigate ticket inflation, counterfeiting, scalping, lack of consumer control and dozens of other inefficiencies that plague the industry. The OMF team ultimately believes that festival creators must place more power in the hands of fans to spark a necessary evolution of the live music space. Future editions following this year’s launch will see OMF leveraging the power of Ethereum and smart contract technology even more. Fans could earn cryptocurrency simply by participating in the festival ecosystem, thus providing value. As the tech behind OMF develops, fans may redeem OMF Tokens for tickets, VIP upgrades, exclusive access, merchandise, food, beverages, and more at future OMF festivals and partnered events.

In the long term, the OMF team is building technology that will enable token holders to influence festivals themselves, from lineup to location. Following the inaugural event, the OMF Token will be available publicly, and the team will announce its partnerships with artists & festivals around the world.

Justin Blau (3LAU) remarks “OMF will continue to add features as we develop, with two ultimate goals:

1. Giving fans ownership in the festivals they attend

2. Enabling fans to curate festival experiences from picking the lineup to the location

Those goals may sit on a distant horizon, but we need to start somewhere. In year one, we’re enabling crypto payments for tickets and are giving all attendees their first ETH paper wallet in the form of token cards. We believe that this will help spark mainstream adoption of new, powerful technology and cannot wait for you to join us on this long journey that starts today!”

Prime Social Group CEO + Founder Adam Lynn states “We’re thrilled to integrate blockchain technology into the festival business and take lead into revolutionizing the live event industry. While curating OMF’s lineup, I wanted to provide fans with a diverse lineup with artists that have embraced new technology and culture. Both Zedd and Big Sean have both greatly impacted their genres in meaningful ways, and we are ecstatic to launch OMF with them as the headliners.”

SingularDTV CEO Zach LeBeau adds “It takes vision and grit to bring something as special as OMF to fruition. With so many projects focused solely on their ICOs, being able to have a music festival this year itself is a huge step for all of us. OMF is here and now ― it will only get better in the future with increased features and functionality.”

Ultimately, festivals change forever with OMF. Be on the lookout for more information and news very soon via OMF’s official Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and Telegram.


Justin Blau, AKA 3LAU, is a rarity in the music industry: A successful recording artist, DJ, and producer whose main goal is not fame, but helping others. Raised in New York and Las Vegas by parents who emphasized the importance of charitable work, Blau left college, where he studied finance, and the promise of a career in business to pursue his dream of making music. He went on to release a string of well-received original tracks, including “How You Love Me,” “Is It Love,” “Fire,” “On My Mind,” and “Hot Water,” as well as remixes for Rihanna, Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, and Ariana Grande — all of which have racked up millions of streams. Most recently, he released his debut album, Ultraviolet, which reached #1 on iTunes Dance. He also built his reputation as a must see live performer, appearing at such major festivals as Electric Zoo, EDC Vegas, and Lollapalooza, and tours extensively internationally. But unwilling to take and not give back, Blau has used his business savvy to parlay his success into doing good. In 2016 Blau launched Blume Records, an independent label with a ground-breaking model that harnesses the power of streaming to raise money for charitable causes.


Prime Social Group is based in Columbus, OH. The “OMF” brand is one of over 16 festivals produced annually by the fast-growing full-scale production and promotions company. Lead by Adam Lynn and Zach Ruben, the PSG team specializes in bringing a fusion of top electronic music with a refreshing focus on hip-hop to more than 900+ events around the world from Ohio, to Barcelona, to Puerto Vallarta. Along with bringing today’s top artists to thousands globally, Prime Social Group also continues to be a barometer of who and what’s next in dance and hip-hop music. To learn more about the company, please visit www.primesocial.com and follow @primesocial on social media.


SingularDTV is a decentralized entertainment studio utilizing blockchain technology to create tokenized entertainment economies that empower both content creators and consumers.  Built on Ethereum, these applications provide filmmakers and artists the tools to capitalize on its proprietary blockchain-based technology in order to fund, distribute and market their content, in a peer-to-peer ecosystem, eliminating traditional funding obstacles. Follow us @singulardtv

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