CredoEx Review: How BitBounce Solving Spam Email Problem With Blockchain | An Interview With Marty Bauer From BitBounce

The Director of Business Development at BitBounce, Marty Bauer gives a review of BitBounce, Credo and CredoEx. The company has created a crypto-based email spam solution for consumers. Users who join this platform do so to block spam emails from their inbox and declutter their inbox. Also, they are paid for unsolicited emails.

How it works

Users can sign up with any email from Gmail to Yahoo mail to AOL mail. Previous contacts of the user cannot see the paywall. Also, any email added to the whitelist does not see the paywall. Where an email is not added to the whitelist, the system filters such emails and categorizes it as ‘unpaid.’ The folder is also automatically created when users sign up. Users can always check the folder for such emails. Note that they do not show up in the main inbox, but are not deleted also.

How the paywall works

If a company wants to reach out to a user and sends an email, they will receive an autoresponder email notifying them of the paywall. The fee is 5 cents to get into the user’s inbox, and it is paid instantly with a crypto token known as Credo. This means that the sender should have Credo to be able to get through the paywall just like the receiver.

Is the process simple and instant?

BitBounce has simplified the process. Also, several other exchanges trade with Credo as well. Currently, there are more than half a million users on the platform. The company is working with email marketers and companies who want to carry out paid email marketing campaigns. They no longer need to pay for individual campaigns; they have to use the ad platform that will be launched soon.

The system is anonymous, but companies can categorize according to pricing. The Credo Exchange has launched two months ago.

Marty Bauer
Director of Business Development for BitBounce and CredoEx
What is CredoEx?
CredoEx is a cryptocurrency exchange developed and brought to you by the Tim Draper backed team based in Silicon Valley that has successfully launched and scaled the BitBounce service and the Credo token. CredoEx supports 13 cryptocurrency pairings with more added regularly. CredoEx was developed to be extremely fast, reliable, and secure, characteristics that are much needed in this product category.
What is BitBounce?
BitBounce is a free cryptocurrency based email spam solution with more than 500,000 active users and more than 2,000,000 registered accounts. BitBounce enables people to declutter their inbox while being paid to receive emails from unknown senders in their inbox. BitBounce uses a cryptocurrency token called Credo. Fees charged to reach inboxes and to incentivize responses paid in Credo. BitBounce also facilitates incentivized email marketing for businesses through which emails can be sent with cryptocurrency amounts attached.
What is Credo ($CREDO)?
Credo is the digital currency that lets BitBounce users protect their email inboxes. Credo acts as the token of exchange that allows emails from strangers to enter your inbox, and lets you get paid to receive them.

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