How To Build Crypto Community: Get Involved, Attract New People And Engage Them (An Interview With Galen Moore, New Alchemy Director of Market Research)

Galen Moore joined the crypto train about a year and a half ago. He was moved to speak with a friend about the lack of information on the emerging cryptoverse. The industry-controlled billions of dollars, and yet, there was no information on it. So the company searched for new ways to solve this problem. Various products were developed to this effect.

Salih Sarikaya – Editor in Chief of Smartereum (San Francisco, Distributed 2018 Blockchain Conference)

What New Alchemy does?

The company helps solve the problem of token economies, which involves structuring the economy around the token. The economy here is the entire system of staking or other actions taken with a currency.

Main problems Blockchain companies face

One of such problems is trying to fit a token into a network that does not need it to exist. When brands introduce an asset that many people do not understand, it must affect the adoption rates.

What makes New Alchemy stand out?

The company has been in the business for a considerably long time and took off at the technological aspect of the business. They started by handling smart contract audits and identifying vulnerabilities in the industries. The brand also handles branding, marketing and more.

Branding and PR for Blockchain companies

The most important thing when it comes to token issuance is to build a strong community. This gives the brand a good reason to exist. And with the right technological capability and participation of a good adviser, your token should be ready for testing before it is released into the market.

How can you build a community?

Get involved and attract new people and engage them because the social activities around an asset matter a great deal. The founder must listen to community members and not outsource this responsibility. No matter how daunting the task may be, remaining an active part of the community helps grow it and keep members in check.

About New Alchemy

Founded in September 2016, New Alchemy quickly established itself as the leading consulting group in the blockchain and tokenization industry thanks to its expert knowledge of blockchain, cryptocurrency, cryptography, and economics. Understanding the disruptive nature of blockchain technology and tokenization, New Alchemy is helping to shape blockchain technology’s cross-industry impact on society. New Alchemy consolidates C-level strategy, smart contract development, project management, token game theory, and marketing under one roof, helping organizations develop new blockchain applications and launch new tokens. In addition to their ICO advisory services, New Alchemy is currently in the process of developing a number of internal proprietary blockchain and tokenization projects. New Alchemy anticipates that blockchain, and specifically tokenization, will be the largest technological shift of this decade. With the goal of driving this change forward, New Alchemy offers services and thought leadership on the impending wave of blockchain and tokenization innovation.

Galen Moore, Director of Market Research

Galen is director of Market Research at New Alchemy and founder of Token Report, a financial data service covering digital currencies. He is an award-winning journalist and financial media startup leader. A frequent speaker and commentator on the crypto asset class, Galen has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Boston Globe and other outlets. He holds a masters degree from Northeastern University, where he studied the effects of accelerators on early-stage startups. He is on the volunteer board of Egleston Square Main Street, providing small businesses with assistance and advocacy. Galen is an advisor with Subforum, a multi-disciplinary research and design group. He’s a licensed sea captain and a certified instructor of Capoeira Angola, a Brazilian martial art and cultural form.

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