EOS Takes The Lead in China’s Blockchain Rankings Once Again

The public Blockchain rankings in China have been released by the government and EOS, the 5th largest digital currency took the first place.

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For the second month, EOS tops china’s Blockchain rankings

The rankings were published by China Electronic Information Industry Development this week. It evaluated the public Blockchain networks using 3 metrics which are applicability, technology, and innovation. These factors were compiled into an index score.

EOS scored below its counterparts on applicability but led the table with an index score of up to 145.6. This was caused by strong showings in the technology and innovation categories.

The consensus algorithm was impressive as it uses a Delegated Proof of Stake model and this prioritizes scaling and speed but loses some level of decentralization. The rankings obviously favored projects with the federated consensus model or DPoS as they offer cheaper and quicker transactions. However, they incite more criticisms which are related to centralization.

Bitcoin lost in the rankings

EOS topped the list on the last edition of CCID rankings as well even though the network had some issues after encountering a bug. The bug was fixed quickly, but this and other events have raised eyebrows about the on-chain governance of the cryptocurrency.

The gap between Ethereum and EOS narrowed in the rankings as EOS scored dropped to 145.6 from 161.5. Ethereum held steady at 137.3 in July rankings. CCN reported that Ethereum led the first CCID report. However, this report was published before EOS activated its independent Blockchain.

The top ten blockchains were GXChain, NEO, Stellar, Steem, Lisk, while Waves and Komodo tied for ninth position.

The remaining top 10 blockchains, in order, were Nebulas, GXChain, NEO, Stellar, Steem, Lisk, and — tied for ninth — Waves and Komodo.

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