Can Ethereum Change The World?

Ethereum has been in the news as a leading cryptocurrency since it debuted and industry leaders believe that the technology offers a greater value in the long term when compared to XRP and BTC.

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Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum plans to become a world computer as reported by Coindesk while bitcoin claims to sidestep Paypal as a payment method online. ETH could change several things on the internet hypothetically especially the clouds and servers with a  democratic model and decentralized nodes coming together to create a world computer.

Ethereum gathering momentum

CEO and founder of a FinTech company, Circle told CNBC that the Ethereum movement is presently gathering momentum. Allaire also said that it is a fertile space when it comes to technical, fundamental, infrastructure. He also stated that the digital currency has a large amount of developer activity and one of the main things that catalyzed the crypto market in the past year was the fact that ETH got to a place where apps could be created on top of it.

Users could also issue new tokens on it while creating new types of financial contracts with the smart contract technology.

Other Ethereum enthusiasts such as Eddie Hughes a conservative Member of Parliament believes in the potential of Blockchain projects for the general public. Hughes also spoke about how crucial the technology is and how it could help save money generally.

Speaking about how it could help the United Kingdome specifically, he pointed to NHS record keeping process, stating that records are stored at local GP practices everywhere in the country.  This body is a perfect example of where Blockchain can come in handy to solve the problem.

If Blockchain is properly explored, it would make a big difference in the lives of the general public.


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