Tron Founder, Justin Sun Voted as Super Representative

The founder of Tron, Justin Sun has been elected by the TRX community to be a part of the organizations and individuals authorized to serve as super representatives on the Tron network.

Sun becomes supernode operator

Sun announced his candidacy on Wednesday, and after a few hours, he received enough votes to qualify as one of Tron network’s active super representatives.

Sun’s node is named JustinSunTron, and it received more than 120 million votes, this placed him at the eighth position among the other candidates.

The founder of Tron, in a post he published on the Tron SR forum, thanked the community and stated that it was an important milestone in his shift from founder to a member of the budding decentralized self-governed community. Sun also said that he is committed to returning the TRX received from working on the supernode to the development of Tron.

Who is a super representative?

Like the digital currency which was launched recently, EOS, Tron uses a Delegated Proof-Of-Stake as its consensus algorithm. A restricted number of supernodes enforces the network rules and process transactions under this model, and this gives the cryptocurrency more scalability than proof of work digital currencies like Bitcoin. However, this

DPoS networks such as EOS and Tron need supernode candidates to allow the users to stake their tokens and vote for which ones will handle the processing of various transactions on the Tron network. The protocol randomly picks which node will process each block. These measures help prevent attacks from a malicious node operator because node operators don’t know the block they will process. Users can also vote actors who do not act appropriately out.

However, critics believe that such measures will not prevent node operators from conspiring and – especially when they are centralized geographically – make them susceptible to pressure from aggressive governments


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