Justin Sun Wins Super Representative Election in Less Than Twenty-Four Hours

An exceptional candidate has emerged in the ongoing Super Representative election of Tron – Justin Sun, the founder of Tron (TRX). After making his intention known to become one of the super representatives of Tron, the CEO successfully amassed enough votes to run to secure a spot out of the twenty-seven available spots.

The Votes Acquired by Justin Sun

At the time of writing, Justin Sun has acquired 120,515,516 votes according to the Tronscan feature of Tron. Candidates must amass a minimum of 100 million votes to be elected, and every TRX token counts for one vote. So far, eleven representatives have been elected. It took Justin Sun only one day to be elected while it takes other candidates some days or a week to be elected.

The Super Representative Election of Tron

Tron started the elections of its Super Representatives back in June, immediately after it launched its Mainnet. The project was initially running on the blockchain of Ethereum but it is now running on its own blockchain.

The decision of Sun didn’t really come as a surprise because it was foreshadowed in a post on Medium back in April when he said that he will partake in the Super Representative elections of Tron along with other candidates.

Sun later said that his candidacy was a personal action and won’t represent the Tron Foundation. He also added that the Tron Foundation wouldn’t use its thirty-four billion TRX tokens to vote in the elections, even though he didn’t disclose his personal Tron (TRX) holdings in that announcement.

Unlike other candidates of the super representative elections, the CEO didn’t publish an election “manifesto” that usually contains details about the candidate as well as the hardware they plan on running on the node. He has also sought to downplay the possible effect that his influence could have on the election, and he said he is ready to go through the selection process just like every other candidate.

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