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Blockchain Conf BlockchainConf.Tech Atlanta

BlockchainConf.Tech, is a technical blockchain conference held in Atlanta on September 5-7, 2018. This is a community run conference at a price point way lower than premium conferences, but with better content and attention to detail on things like food and swag .

BlockchainConf.Tech was designed after looking at the content of other Blockchain events. There are no Blockchain conferences out there that focus on the technical skills needed for developing decentralized Apps and Infrastructure, they are all about investing, bitcoin and ICOs. So, we will not be carrying any content from investors or attorneys, just technical content for technical people. The quality of the accepted talks make the schedule world class with the likes of Stephen Pair from BitPay, Igor Artamonov from ETCDEV, Chris Ferris from IBM, John Wolper from Consensys and Marley Gray from Microsoft. There are a number of reasons why people interested in the technical side of blockchain, ledgers, cryptocurrency etc. should participate in this conference:

  • Stack exposure. Get exposed to different stacks and get to test drive features, learn other programming paradigms, and walk away with a list of new strategies and tools to try back at your workplace.
  • Learn from Experts. The chance to see live examples, learn from others’ mistakes, ask questions in person, and benefit from other’s wisdom.
  • Uninterrupted focus. It’s a huge advantage to be away from work and constant interruptions, acquiring the knowledge you need to move projects forward.
  • Stay current. Technology changes fast. Keep pace with new developments, best practices, products, services, and trends used by other start-ups to some of the world’s most successful companies.
  • Recruit. You could well meet your next greatest hire at a conference. If people are there, they already differentiating themselves from other applicants.

Visit for more info on accepted speakers.

And to top it off, use discount code “SMARTFRIEND20” and receive a 20% off the registration for the conference.

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Mahesh Sashital is cofounder of Smartereum.

He was previously Vice President at J.P. Morgan. He has over 15 years of experience in software engineering at various Fortune 20 companies. He has a Bachelor's in Engineering from the University of Mumbai and an MBA from the University of Texas-Austin.


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