XRP to Be Added To the Lineup of Digital Currencies Offered By Wirex Wallet

Wirex is a service provider that offers digital currency wallets that are tied to MasterCard and Visa service for easier use. According to reports, the wallet service provider is considering adding XRP to the lineup of digital currencies they offer. This was confirmed on twitter by the CEO of Wirex Wallet – Pavel Matveev, and he said that this might be coming sooner than you think.

The Partnerships of Wirex Wallet

Wirex Wallet partnered with SBI Holdings – a Japan-based banking giant – last year. The aim of the partnership was to provide Bitcoin and digital currency wallet to increase adoption. Japanese audiences are also already familiar with Wirex Wallet, and they are the most enthusiastic supporters of the platform.

Pavel Matveev’s Comment

Matveev said that their VISA-supported digital currency debit card is more regularly used in Japan than any other place in the world. Dmitry Lazarichev – the co-founder of Wirex Wallet also commented on the partnership, saying that the SBI Group has an in-depth and clear vision understanding of digital currencies and blockchain technology. He said they have been very selective in finding the right investor, and their clients will greatly benefit from this partnership.

The SBI Group

The SBI group is one of the largest banking groups in Japan. The banking giant recently launched a digital currency trading platform backed by them, signaling the movement of institutional investors into the crypto space.

Yoshitaka Kitao – the CEO of SBI Group, is very bullish about XRP and he has been a supporter of the digital currency for quite some time. The collaboration came after SBI Group made an investment worth $3 million in Wirex.

XRP making it to the list of digital currencies offered by Wirex Wallet is indeed a great news for the digital currency, as this will increase its adoption and make it much easier.

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