Tron (TRX) adds a new extension known as TronLink to fortify its ecosystem

The digital currency and blockchain technology industry is a very competitive field, and you need to put in a whole lot of effort in order to stand out. To stand out from the crowd, Tron (TRX) has continued to amass a series of partnerships and developments.

One noticeable progress which has been added to the ecosystem of Tron is the TronLink – a new extension that allows for decentralized applications such as the CryptoKitties of Ethereum to survive on the blockchain of Tron.

This great achievement came after Tron completed its migration from the network of Ethereum to its own Mainnet. TronLink is a Chrome extension that is designed for developers to enable them to build and interact with decentralized applications using their web browsers.

The Tron Foundation tweeted that the extension is seen as a very important step before the launch of Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) on the 30th of July.

What You Need to Know about TronLink

TronLink is developed by the developers of TronWatch Wallet (an open-source application used to manage Tron finances) – TronWatch. According to the designer, the TronWatch Wallet will soon be available on Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Chrome, and Windows.

To fortify the ecosystem of Tron, TronWatch developed TronLink, providing a smooth entry into the blockchain of Tron. With this, users will be able to connect the content of a site to a secure platform where they can sign, receive, and send transactions, according to the designer.

For those that are conversant with decentralized apps such as the CryptoKitties of Ethereum, using this extension will make it possible for developers to create such projects on the blockchain of Tron. Tron (TRX) is one of the best performing digital currencies in the crypto market, and they have managed to secure a lot of partnerships and developments than most of the top digital currencies in the market.

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