Ripple XRP Price News: What is accelerating the fall of Ripple? What is the problem with the future of XRP?

What is accelerating the fall of Ripple? When you compare the recent fall of Ripple, you would realize that it is even much faster as compared to some of the other cryptocurrencies. The problem is that many of the investors are invested in Ripple at higher levels. As Ripple is more of a protocol rather than just being a cryptocurrency, many investors have actually perceived that the value of Ripple is much higher than what it was trading at when it was around $ 3. The truth is that, due to the recent run-up in cryptocurrencies, Ripple is also at the risk of bursting the bubble as well.

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Ripple is more of a protocol rather than just being a cryptocurrency

After hitting a high on January 14, 2018, Ripple has been consistently falling as well. Even though Bitcoin has just a fallen by around 50%, Ripple has already lost a 66% of its value. In the last few days, it was relatively stable. However, that is already been broken by Ripple in the last 24 hours as well. That is why people are trying to figure out why ripple is falling so fast.

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Why is Ripple falling so fast?

Many of the cryptocurrency investors actually think that many of the International websites are actually displaying the ripple prices which are on the South Korean exchanges. South Korean exchanges have a larger spread as compared to the international exchanges. This is one of the main reasons why it appears as if Ripple has fallen significantly when in most of the international exchanges it has not fallen. In fact, if websites continuously display that information in front of the investors, eventually the international exchange prices would match the South Korean exchange prices as well. In order to maintain the spirit, the South Korean exchange prices would fall even further. This would have a cascading effect and it would reduce the value of Ripple even further. This is one of the main triggers for Ripple falling consistently as well.

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Increasing cryptocurrency regulations all over the world

Another reason is that with the increasing regulations all over the world, it can be difficult for ripple in the future to allow all the companies to operate on the Ripple protocol so that they are able to send and receive the money quickly. Thus, the potential clients of the company would be undermined as well.

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Ripple is falling consistently

Thus, when you’re looking into the recent fall of Ripple, you would realize that owing to these 2 reasons, Ripple is falling consistently. It remains to be seen whether in the coming few months, it is able to turn around or whether it continues to fall. If indeed, it continues to fall, it would be very difficult for most of the investors to keep their patience and to keep on holding Ripple.

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