Ontology (ONT) Has Launched A Technical Community Bounty Program 

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Ontology has stated that because of its desire to fully involve members of its community in the Ontology ecosystem, it will be launching its special community bounty campaign. The initiative will encourage direct participation of community members in Ontology’s development and governance. About 100,000,000 ONT representing just 10 percent of the overall ONT on supply has been allocated to support the implementation of the bounty campaign.

What Will Be The Task of The Technical Community Bounty Program?

All developers involved in the technical bounty program who sucessfully complete their tasks will be rewarded. Ontology will be engaging individual developers and team of developers for any of the below functions included in their bounty campaign:

Building SDKs

In the technical bounty campaign participating developers will need to provide SDKs that support multiple languages, Kotlin SDK, and Swift SDK.

Building The Test Format For Smart Contracts

This involves developing and testing a completely automated smart contract with custom smart contract compilation, as well as management and implementation functions.

Create A One-Click ONT Blockchain

Any developer or team of developers will claim a 500+ONT compensation if they develop a personalized Ontology Blockchain network that the caton regulate the workings of the chain, run tests, inspect state, and even implement commands.

Developing The Chrome Plug-In

All interested developers who apply for this option will be involved in the development of the Chrome Plug-In which is going to support the management of Ontology ID and a host of cryptocurrencies among others.

Effecting Hardware Acceleration

Participating developers are expected to use “FPGAs to verify ECDSA signatures with the curve NIST P-256”.

Deploy Anonymous Credential

500+ONT is the reward for developers who can implement the anonymous credential initiative in multiple languages and launch a seamless integration into the SDKs.

Complete The Integration of Trezor One And Model T

Developers who can integrate Trezor One and Model T will be rewarded with 800+ONT. The Trezor Core firmware must be fully supported as well.


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