IOTA Foundation And Audi Come Together To Promote Blockchain Application In The Automobile Industry

IOTA Foundation has been on the forefront of researching the application of blockchain in the transportation industry. This is why it wasn’t a surprise when the IOTA Foundation announced that it would be patterning with Audi to promote the blockchain transportation goal. The German automobile company, Audi, deals in the manufacturing of various types of cars from luxury cars to family cars and everything in between. The company is an affiliate of Volkswagen Group and so it has a global presence. IOTA Foundation and Audi will work together to start the blockchain revolution in the transportation industry.

IOTA Foundation And Audi As One

The announcement by IOTA Foundation was as follows:

“We cannot imagine a life without mobility in the 21st century. The word mobility encompasses more than cars but infrastructural and locomotive solutions. But who will define the premium mobility of the future, what will it be? Who will influence it?”

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The announcement continued:

“To build a mobile ecosystem that is permissionless, we have started a Google Design Sprint with Audi which will last for one week. The title is Denkwerkstatt and it will be hosted in Berlin. The goal is to explore the use-cases of Tangle-based platforms, create prototypes and get feedback from users. We want to establish these business models either independently or in cooperation with others. This new method of working is a good example of how automobile manufacturers should tap into innovation. It is a fantastic opportunity for the IOTA Foundation to be integrated with Audi in a bid to provide new mobility solutions.”

The partnership between IOTA Foundation and Audi might be the key to everything. It is going to facilitate the production of an ecosystem that is 100% permissionless. Integrating blockchain in the automobile industry is going to be a game changer. IOTA isn’t the only company to explore it. VeChain has also shown a lot of interest in the automobile industry as well.


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