Ethereum (ETH) Developers Are Testing New Code for the Next System Upgrade of Ethereum – Constantinople


The development team at Ethereum (ETH) are already testing code for the next system-wide upgrade of Ethereum – Constantinople.


Constantinople is the second aspect of a series of upgrades aimed at making the network of Ethereum more efficient and cost-friendly in terms of transaction fees. This upgrade will be activated before the Devcon4 Ethereum conference in October – according to some stakeholders in a crucial developer meeting that held on the 27th of July.

For the backward-incompatibility change, the exact block number at which the upgrade would go live has not been confirmed yet, says the stakeholders. They have also suggested a roadmap for the upgrade. In the roadmap, the phase of implementation continues until the 13th of August, after which, it will be tested for two months, including a Constantinople-specific test network launch.

Ethereum Improvement Upgrades (EIPs)

At the moment, a total of 4 Ethereum improvement upgrades are being tested by Ethereum developers – according to the stakeholders during the meeting. The lead developer of a major Ethereum client, Geth – Peter Szilagyi, said that they have already implemented the majority of the changes. During the meeting, he said the Ethereum improvement upgrades are mostly done.

Implementable Upgrades

Some of the upgrades that have gotten to the stage of implementation include EIP-210 – which rearranges how block hashes are stored on the network – and EIP-145 – which boosts Ethereum virtual machine’s arithmetic speed. Two other upgrades that are presently being worked on by the developers are EIP-1052 and EIP-1014.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – BTC / USD

NamePrice24H %

Ethereum (ETH) – the second largest digital currency in the world by market cap – is trading at $470 after an increase of more than 1.5 percent over the past twenty-four hours and an increase of 3 percent over the past seven days.

The current market cap of Ethereum is $47.33 billion and its trading volume over the past twenty-four hours is $4.69 billion.

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