Will Ethereum Classic Take Over The IOT Market?

No one can deny the uniqueness of the internet of things. The era of communication between machines is here and every soon, this technology will be applicable in daily life. This is why the technology world has a lot of interest in IOTA. While IOTA is taking the front sit in the revolution of blockchain technology, Ethereum Classic may be a rival. In fact, IOTA and Ethereum Classic share the same IOT market. The ETCDEV team considers smart contracts as the ideal protocol for machine communication. So, the ETC team is focused on this market that has limitless opportunities. The big question is: will Ethereum Classic take over?

Ethereum Classic Vs. IOTA In The IOT Market

Ethereum Classic has what it takes to win considering the fundamentals. One of the main reasons is the decentralization. Machine communication will be most efficient on a decentralized platform than on a semi-decentralized or centralized platform. This is because, most times, it involves sensitive communication. In the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum Classic is considered the most decentralized platform.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Today – ETC / USD

Ethereum Classic

There has never been any figure head behind Ethereum Classic and it has been decentralized from the beginning. It only has a community that backs it up making it the perfect platform for trustless machine communication. This doesn’t just put it in a better position than IOTA but also makes it better than many other blockchain projects.

The second factor that makes Ethereum Classic a threat to IOTA is that it focuses more resources on machine-to-machine smart contracts. The Ethereum Classic team is going to develop a side chain that will be devoted to IOT devices. This will make it more scalable in the IOT environment.

Without scalability, the IOT cannot be based on the blockchain. Sidechains provide the perfect solution. The sidechains will ensure that these machines are not just communicating with each other but they will communicate with perfect scalability. The internet of things is the next big thing in technology and Ethereum Classic is providing the perfect environment for it.


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