Ontology Mainnet Tokyo Launch Event Is Coming Up Soon 

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On the 30th of June, Ontology released the Ontology 1.0. This version of Ontology offers innovative high-performing public blockchains that consist of disturbed ledgers and smart contract mechanisms. Ontology 1.0 also supports the customization and collaboration of public chains. At the same time, it provides common modules in several disturbed applications. The infrastructure comprises of three main components: public chains basic services, high-performing customisable infrastructure, and protocol groups. The protocols are as follows: identity authentication protocol, credit score protocol, distributed data management protocol, and credit card score protocol.

Ontology Tokyo Mainnet Launch

On the 25th of August, 2018, Ontology is going to host an event in Tokyo for the launch of their Mainnet. The location of the event has not yet been announced to the community but it will be organized by Ontology to showcase the Ontology Mainnet to the Japanese community and expand the user base throughout Japan. The Ontology community in Japan will have their ecosystem partner at the event.

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The event will be hosted in Japanese language and English simultaneously. When the attendees sign up and provide their ID and addresses they will be able to partake in the Mainnet airdrop. Their IDs will be authenticated and the airdrop will begin. The client product integrated by Ontology, ONTO is a good resource for community members. They will be able to register their IDs and download the ONTO right away.

Ontology also announced that the Android version of ONTO is already available but the ONTO iOS version will be available in August. Their ecosystem partners will also carry out airdrops. During the Tokyo Ontology Mainnet event will feature a variety of branded giveaways. The items are also available for members in the Ontology community and they include branded backpacks, t-shirts, caps, notebooks, etc. More updates about the upcoming event will be posted on the Ontology social media pages. The official pages share updates about upcoming events for Ontology.


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