Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Talks About Ethereum Classic On YouTube 

The CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, during an interview on YouTube on the 27th, talked about his views of Ethereum Classic. The interview was on Learn Crypto with Nick Hellman. Hellman asked Hoskinson about Cardano’s involvement in Ethereum Classic and asked whether there was any possibility that Ethereum Classic and Cardano will come together in the future. In reply, Hoskinson recalled the inception of Ethereum Classic stating that many people in the Ethereum Classic community see Ethereum Classic and Ethereum as interchangeable platforms.

Charles Hoskinson Talks About Ethereum Classic

In his words:

“So even if I put my reputation and brand on Ethereum, I went my own way with Cardano but I still believed in the philosophy behind the system.”

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Ethereum Classic

He also talked about the series of events that led to the creation of Ethereum Classic. He continued:

“I I just feel you couldn’t raise 18 million dollars and start marketing something and then change direction as soon as it’s inconvenient to you. You shouldn’t just change your terms within customer consent and many customers didn’t give their consent. Only about 10% of customers participated and there wasn’t enough time. It was nothing but a knee-jerk decision.”

The remark from Hoskinson refers to when the Ethereum community decided to create Ethereum Classic. He contributed to building it at the early stages and wanted to make it concrete. He feels that irrespective of the idea behind it, what was really happening was forking with a guest client to maintain the ecosystem. Explaining how easy it is to create a fork, he said:

“It is easy to create a fork code with the click of a button. If you understand the code, you’ll be able to understand how Ethereum works.”

Before now Hoskinson talked about using a language called Scala to build a client from scratch. He said that platforms like Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic that are hard forks were forged as a result of poor governance in the original chain.


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