Cardano (ADA) Launches it’s Second Testnet For The IELE VM (Virtual Machine) 

The Cardano (ADA) team has recently revealed that it is excited to launch its second Cardano testnet for the IELE VM (Avirtual Machine) and follows the recent KEVM testnet launch by the network.

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The new technology is not just an essential step on the road map of Cardano (ADA), preferably it is also a boost for the industry when it comes to offering a robust and reliable financial solution. Developers can now enjoy the opportunity to play with the smart contracts innovation that will ultimately be provided as a part of Cardano (ADA) and to give their feedback, which we are expecting in coming months.

smart contracts

What Are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are known as software programs immutably saved on the Blockchain. Virtual machines are used to execute smart contracts and store their data in the same immutable infrastructure. These programs offer a significant advantage to many businesses who want to optimize their operations. Many sectors including automotive, supply chain, healthcare, and real estate are investing in research in a bid to understand how smart contracts can make their firms more competitive.

What is IELE?

IELE is a VM (Virtual Machine) with an attendant low level language, built to execute smart contracts stored on the Cardano (ADA) Blockchain. Runtime Verification has made IELE in collaboration with IOHK who funded the project itself. The IELE language plus its VM is now completed. It is in the process of getting integrated into Cardano (ADA) which will offer a Blockchain to save and retrieve data. As the integration commences, developers have an opportunity to use IELE along with the Remix and Mallet Tools to make and complete smart contracts on IOHK testnet. You can start getting to know the capabilities of IELE and its Virtual Machine and learn to write the IELE code directly eventually.


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