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Elirtex is an investment platform that promises daily profits with balanced investments in some of the most promising business. According to information on their website, their main objective is to obtain optimal performance in the shortest period time, limiting the possible financial risks.


History has shown that from time to time, technological advances affords many an opportunity to take a ‘quantum leap’ that would otherwise not be possible. New technology creates a shift, in the direction of economic gains. Pioneers and early believers of the new technology are often rewarded though a lead in their financial bases.

A recent instance of this is the internet and subsequently digital social networks. The advent and adoption of the internet and internet-based solutions have swayed the money bag towards the internet giants we know today.

What’s interesting to note is that more than the creators, it is the early investors in these enterprises that go on to benefit the most. This is why venture capital firms, individuals and investment fund managers are on the lookout for promising startups especially in the areas of new and budding technology.

A New Technology and a New Industry

Blockchain Innovation and other DLT solutions have a created a whole new sector of the economy—one which is intertwined with almost all areas of human endeavor. The need to implement more security, more transparency has inspired blockchain innovation led by blockchain startups.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Investments are already paying Big

As big as 10,000% ROI. That’s what one of the bitcoin-based investment pioneers returned after 5 years of cryptocurrency and blockchain investments. This is definitely not a case of an outlier as several blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses are posting huge returns after months to few years in operation.

Despite the fluctuations in the prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the underlying technology and solutions which propel these businesses have the potential to make them industry leaders in no distant time.

For individuals to benefit by investing in these startups, they will be required to cough up huge sums of money, which may be the minimum investment amount for a startup. This makes it difficult to spread one’s investment among various promising businesses. Hence there is need for a Fund which can invest on one’s behalf and guarantee returns on the investments.

What is Elirtex?

Elirtex Investment’s parent company, Elirtex Limited owns and operates the investment platform and has been managing investment portfolio for over a decade—having started operations in 2007. Last year, the company introduced its online platform for individual investors in order to expand its operations. The online platform is also designed to help people all over the world to earn passive income.

The company is duly registered in the UK and operates under the regulations of UK laws. It is also registered in Hong Kong, China where it has a branch office. The Hong Kong office, was created to attend to its growing Asian community as well as handle huge investments.

The addresses were listed on its website as:

Main office address: 22 Old Kent Road, London, United Kingdom, SE1 5UU. and

Branch Office: Unit 1411, 14 / Floor, Cosco Tower, 183 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

The Problem of Failed ICOs 

A big issue is the rate of failed (or failing) cryptocurrency projects. As the race to enter the cryptocurrency space heated up in 2017, many projects headed for crowdfunding through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Not all of these projects were fully prepared, some of them had not thought through their solutions, and some just are constrained by funding.

Some reports claim that as much as 85 percent of ICOs have already failed. Though these perplexing stats are debatable, they expose an underlying problem with unaided cryptocurrency investments. There is therefore need to match promising startups needing funding with investor capital needing profits—a win-win solution.

How Elirtex is solving Problems

Elirtex solves problem on two fronts; the investors’ and the businesses. The company makes its profits by ensuring both parties are well served. On one hand, the investment ensures that its investors increase their capital through strategic investments while on the other hand, it helps new and thriving companies to obtain needed financial support for development and expansion.

Portfolio Diversification

One benefit of investment fund managers like Elirtex is that they help subscribers/investors limit the risks associated with precarious markets. To do this, investment managers spread the investments across various promising projects. While some yield quick returns, some others don’t.

Investment Insurance

Elirtex further limits the risks to its investors by insuring every investment through a security fund. The investment managers create and maintain security funds which is used to cushion the effects of losses and thereby guarantee steady positive returns for investors.

Experience and A Special Kind of Expertise

Technological revolution like blockchain and DLTs are not easily understood by conventional investment specialists whose wealth of experience come from predicting the successes of conventional businesses. This brings the need for a special kind of investment expertise; persons who understand technology and economic implications of its solutions.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are particularly difficult concepts to grasp; predicting its impact in the current economic setting can be tricky. This requires a level of expertise which Elirtex says it provides. Their professionals participate personally in the projects they invest in, bringing their experience to bear and ensuring the success of the project.

Elirtex also claims to have among its team a group of seasoned investment specialists who have long-term experience. This it says sets it apart from other risk capital and investment funds companies.

Elirtex Development Plan

The investment platform went live on July 17, 2018. They have opened offices in London, UK, and Hong Kong, China and are midway into opening an office and getting license in Valencia, Spain. They aim to get necessary licenses for financial activities in all region of the world like they already have in UK and China.

elirtex development plan

It is currently intensifying its investment efforts by increasing its investment portfolios and expanding its focus area. Beyond this, the platform is working on a private payment gateway and towards a custom CRM system. For ease of use, the company is working on some technical aspects and plans to launch mobile apps in the near future.

Getting Started with Elirtex

How Elirtex Works

Basically, Elirtex receive contributions (or investments) from several individuals, which it uses to invest in promising businesses with the promise of steady returns to its uses (the contributors). The system can best be described in three sections:

Elirtex – Customer Section

Elirtex – Startup Section

Elirtex Internal Operations

Elirtex – Customer Section

To its customers, Elirtex is an adequate investment portfolio manager that works to bringing returns from customer’s investments while limiting investment risks.

The fund only accepts investments in Bitcoin [BTC], and each user can invest a maximum of 1 BTC. The price of bitcoin is gotten from CoinMarketCap.

For one’s investments, Elirtex promises steady daily return on weekdays and weekends.

Users can withdraw their balance of bitcoin after the transaction has been confirmed three times on the bitcoin blockchain.

To withdraw, the user sends a withdrawal request which can be processes with 5 business days.

There is no withdrawal fee.

Elirtex – Startup Section

The investment manager seeks out promising startups and businesses that need funding and makes investment in these businesses. According to its website, the company invests in several industries and is increasing the area of its investments.

Areas of Investment

The platform listed several areas of its investment which includes:

  • Public health, pharmaceutical products and medicine
  • Technological and innovative start-ups
  • Franchises of vending machines
  • Financial consulting and risk management
  • Solutions for corporate businesses
  • Educational training platforms
  • Game and entertainment industry
  • Automated Sales Systems
  • Production and manufacture of organic products

Through its in-house expertise, Elirtex have developed a system which it uses to select the right businesses to come in. The rigorous process of selection is one part of the company’s Internal Operations.

Elirtex Internal Operations

This embodies the services the investment portfolio managers offer to its customers. Sone of the internal operations include:

  • Systematically maintaining a fully balanced investment portfolio
  • Provision of adequate security against hacking and cyberheist
  • Maintain security fund as an insurance for all investments
  • Investment decisions by experts in the economic sector and investment areas.

Just like there are no withdrawal fees, Elirtex don’t charge a fixed management fee. Rather the company is developed by a percentage of the company’s profit.

Remuneration and Fees

Alpha Day Investment Plan

elirtex alpha dayFor the Alpha Day Investment Plan, users gain 180% of their investment after 12 weeks (84 days). This comes down to daily profit of 2.6% for weekdays and 0.1% during weekends as well as an affiliate bonus of 12 percent. A maximum investment of 1 BTC will return 1.8 BTC at the end of the period. Referral for all investors will be between 10% and 2% while that for representatives is between 12% to 2%, to 1%.

Elirtex Affiliate Program

Elirtex has developed a reliable affiliate program that allows individuals to benefit each time they introduce a client. Participants receive passive income through compensations from their referrals regardless of their region of residence.

How Elirtex Affiliate Program Works

Each time participant individuals recommend the platform to a new investor, the participant is paid a percentage of the referral’s investment (or contribution) as compensation for the referral.

When an individual register with Elirtex to become an Affiliate, he/she receives a referral link. Once a guest user clicks on the referral link to visit the Elirtex platform, the affiliate system is activated. Once the guest user makes a deposit, a reference rate is reflected in the system. For the transaction to be completed, the deposit made by the new member will receive three confirmations on the bitcoin blockchain network. When this happens, the new user sign-up is complete and the affiliate participant can now withdraw the referral bonus. 

Interestingly, to participate in Elirtex Affiliate Program, an individual is not required to deposit funds on the platform.

More information can be found on the FAQ section of their website.

Solomon Sunny is the market reporter for Smartereum, one of the global leaders in Ethereum, blockchain and currency news. He produces technical price updates on digital currencies and writes recent developments about blockchain.


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