A7 Core CMO Will Parker Talks About Retail Couponing on the Blockchain

In an interview with Mahesh Sashital of Smartereum, Will Parker, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at A7 Core described how his company is leveraging blockchain to help retailers build and maintain relationship with their customers regardless of its size.

Paramount to every business is its relationship with its customers. Over the years, businesses have devised ways to foster interactions and build trust with their customers. As a business grows bigger, its becomes more difficult to understand, measure, and reward the interactions of each consumer. These big businesses resort to issuing general coupons and base discounts which are inefficient.

A7 Core enables a more direct relationship between brands and their consumers through a permission-based blockchain solution. According to information on its website, the company has developed a platform which has managed over 4.5 billion retailer/consumer transactions and $142 billion in transaction value.

To address the pain points of customer management, A7 Core proffers a flexible system that involves loyalty program, rebate management, fraud control, frictionless redemption, brand to retail payment distribution, and personalized offers via AI technology. Parker, who has consulted for big brands like P&G, LG and Ford, described the A7 Core as an efficient and cost-saving couponing solution for retailers and brands.

He explained that A7 Core is not just a ‘new’ blockchain startup in the regular sense; it is using blockchain to interphase between the various technologies—Big Data tech, sophisticated AI—in a system which has been in use for about a decade.

Highlighting the benefit of blockchain tech to the system, Parker noted that it [blockchain] provides immutability and transparency which “adds an extra layer of security” for brands and retailers anytime they want to go through recommendations.

He explained:

“We have a clean pipe locked into on-chain solution through our own chain on the ethereum network, all managed through side chains that are validated by each of the brands and retailers that have the core information for every point on the promotions.”

He also emphasized the ease of integrating the A7 Core system stating that retailers and brands don’t necessarily have to alter their current systems since the A7 Core solution is very flexible. With over 80 ready to use APIs, Parker says, businesses need not “lift a finger”. “It’s totally plug and play,” he said. 

A7 Core will be having a token sale for its ASVN tokens soon though no dates have been announced for private sale and crowd sale; Parker assured that the team have studied past ICOs to come up with something new and will get it right. Interested persons can request for the whitepaper and detailed presentation on their website.

Website: https://www.a7core.io

Whitepaper: https://www.a7core.io/a7core-whitepaper

Solomon Sunny is the market reporter for Smartereum, one of the global leaders in Ethereum, blockchain and currency news. He produces technical price updates on digital currencies and writes recent developments about blockchain.


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