Lisk (LSK) Launched Core 1.0 on Public Testnet

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Lisk (LSK) is a blockchain project that is aimed at making the development of blockchain easy and stress-free for JavaScript developers, and the projects recently launched its testnet network. The Lisk project is an open source project, and it has been gradually making notable changes to its polishing and platform, which has resulted in the release of its public testnet.

The Launch of Lisk Core 1.0 Testnet

The announcement of the launch was first made on the 2nd of June via the blog of the project, and they detailed their efforts to polish Lisk Core 1.0 beta version. The team wants to make sure that even the launch of the testnet function without any issues, having tested it with five hundred nodes prior to the launch.

The public testnet was released when block height got to 5,594,490, and this occurred on the 28th of July. Alongside the launch, the development team also released a comprehensive migration guide and documentation to help users hop onto the testnet and migration from previous iterations.

Lisk’s progress towards the launch of the public testnet shows that the project could succeed in their effort to open up blockchain tech to developers all over the world. The reliability of the Lisk chain along with the ability to create customized apps is a very useful tool that a lot of developers across the globe can work with to integrate into their own businesses.

In addition to the launch of the testnet, the team behind the project also announced some other fixes and developments in the project.

Lisk (LSK) Price Today – LSK / USD


At the time of writing, Lisk (LSK) is trading at $4.4 after a decrease of about 5 percent over the past twenty-four hours. The market cap of Lisk (LSK) is $481.87 million and its trading volume over the past twenty-four hours is $6.91 million.

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