Ontology And Adrealm Enter Partnership To Promote Blockchain-Powered Adtech Ecosystem

Ontology and Adrealm have entered a strategic partnership to promote a blockchain-powered Adtech Ecosystem. Ontology, the future of decentralized trust and the next generation public blockchain project, just announced its new strategic partnership with Adrealm. Adrealm is an open-source ecosystem network that handles digital advertising. The MOU was signed on July 30th and it stipulates that Ontology will provide the required technical support for a high-performance blockchain while Adrealm will bring their decentralized apps to the Ontology MainNet. Both companies will share community relation resources and marketing.

Ontology And Adrealm For Adtech

Adrealm and Ontology both share the goal of a globalizing the digital industry for the sake of paradigm correction. They will handle how user traffic is monetized and monitored and how participants in the industry get incentives to act in certain ways at the different stages of digital campaigns. They’ll curb the asymmetries of power that facilitates exploitation and fraud.

The partnership is aimed at reforming and reinvigorating the relationships that make the digital advertising industry profitable. They intend to punt the paradigm shift in a bid to liberate markets from monopolistic players. Adrealm will serve as the punt. The company is capable of solving trust issues related to smart contracts to deliver a new and improved ad-targeting system. The company published a novel about the theoretical approach to establishing consensus on blockchains. It has created a consensus mechanism PoVT: Proof of Valid Traffic from the BIOC: Business Incentive-Oriented Consensus. The company is going to launch the first ever decentralized mobile analytics and attribution platform this summer. The name of the platform is Xhance.

Ontology, on the other hand is fully committed to opening the doors for wide-reaching innovations and reforms in the economic sector. It will offer Adrealm tech support and a high performance blockchain for the Xhance platform which will be built on the Ontology MainNet. Ontology and Adrealm will work together to build a bridge between distributed digital systems and the digital advertising worldwide.


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