NFL Players Association partners Blockchain Startup to Provide Athlete-Driven Video Content

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A US sports organization, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) has become one of the first sports association to purchase a minority stake in blockchain startup SportsCastr, a live-streaming platform that allows anyone to become a sports commentator. NFLPA is the labor organization representing the professional American football players in the National Football League (NFL).

Under the agreement, SportsCastr will provide live and interactive video content for fans and also helps athletes license their sports products on a decentralized network. The partnership which was announced on Tuesday 31, July was facilitated by the NFLPA’s athlete-driven accelerator, OneTeam Collective.

NFLPA intends to use Sportcastr’s platform to encourage its members to provide commentary, live streams and other content for the FanChain platform, thereby earning some revenue for themselves outside the sport they play. Using the SportsCastr platform, NFLPA members can lend their rights to the service, as well as share their personal insights and recommendations.

The recent partnership with SportsCastr makes it the eighth NFLPA partnership secured through the OneTeam Collective accelerator program. NFLPA Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs Casey Schwab told newsmen that “When you look at blockchain, and obviously currencies have been the most ubiquitous use of blockchain today, but when we look at tokenized assets or tokens or [non-fungible tokens], we look at the different ways we can try to create products that are going to be sustainable and long-lasting,”

Anyone Can Participate in SportsCastr

As a result of the decentralized nature of SportsCastr, anybody can participate and start generating tokens which can then be used to unlock premium NFL player content, purchase sports tickets or merchandise, and send virtual gifts to NFL players.

Andrew Schupak, CFO and Head of Strategy at SportsCastr, disclosed that the partnership will help fans get authentic commentaries and reactions from their favorite professional athlete. “We’re excited to partner with the NFLPA to accelerate adoption and work together to enhance the fan experience,” he remarked.

Schupak further explained that Sportcastr wouldn’t be limited to just football players alone, as representatives from other sports are currently in discussions for potential collaboration with the platform. “We’re not limiting it to any sports. It’s really about engaging all athletes,” he noted.

Solomon Sunny is the market reporter for Smartereum, one of the global leaders in Ethereum, blockchain and currency news. He produces technical price updates on digital currencies and writes recent developments about blockchain.


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