Madonna Set to Help HIV/AIDS Orphans in Malawi in Partnership with Ripple

Madonna is a prominent music star in the entertainment industry and she is known for breaking the edge with the lyrical content of her music. Madonna is now set on pushing boundaries with regards to philanthropy. Madonna is set to mark her 60th birthday which is on the 16th of this month.

As part of her plans to celebrate her birthday, she is collaborating with Ripple in an initiative to raise funds that will be used to help orphans in Malawi through “Raising Malawi” – a charity that was founded by her over ten years ago.

Ripple’s Role in the Partnership

During the period of fundraising, which began on the 30th of July and will last through the 31st of August, Ripple will be in charge of matching all the public donations which will be made to support the cause of Madonna. According to the Queen of Pop, the donations will benefit the work of the non-profit organization at the Home of Hope orphanage in Malawi. A total of $28,783 had been raised through the Facebook page of the music star at the time of writing.

Thousands of Orphans Will Benefit from the Donation

According to a post by Ripple, the company noted that the nation has about 1,000,000 children who have been orphaned after they lost their parents from HIV/AIDS-related issues. Eric van Miltenburg – the senior vice president of business operations at Ripple – said that they are much honored to be a part of the fascinating work of Raising Malawi with some of the underserved children in the world.

Nevertheless, the firm did not state whether the donations made would be matched in US dollar or XRP (XRP). According to Miltenburg, the firm was introduced to the charity of the pop queen by its investors at Sound Ventures. At the moment, the firm has not indicated if they accept donations in XRP.

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