CoinMarketCap improves its ads procedure by incorporating Kind Ads tokens

CoinMarketCap (CMC) has partnered with Kind Ads in order to ensure ad relevance to users.

The implication of this partnership between CMC and Kind Ads is that in addition to BTC, ETH and fiat, CMC will now accept payment for ads in Kind tokens (KIND). This marks a good beginning for a top crypto publish to embracing a decentralized ad network.

The goal of this partnership is to optimize user experience and ad performance and to pave the way for crypto publishers to adopt a decentralized ad solution.

Born out of strategy

As a part of its continuing strategy improvement practice, the CoinMarketCap data platform routinely embarks on research, especially around innovations within the blockchain ecosystem. This exercise enables the platform to discover suitable and adaptable developments that would support its effective service delivery protocols.

CMC typically scrutinizes blockchain projects prior to adoption not just based on the primary solutions that they offer, but also on the pros and cons associated with them in the course of implementation. Criteria upon which the company finds a suitable ally in Kind Ads towards enabling a convenient user experience for participants on the platform.

Changing the narrative in digital ads

Kind Ads is known for its primary goal of making the internet more “kind”. This is a summarized way of describing the clean-up exercise by the blockchain advertising platform in the digital ads industry.

In its current state, the inconvenient and irrational advertising models within the traditional digital ads ecosystem constitute the major disadvantage for the industry. Internet users have resolved to employ extra procedures to block or prevent unwanted ads while browsing the internet. In some cases, users practically avoid visiting certain websites and platforms completely, so as not to ruin their internet experiences.

The Kind Ads system completely eliminates these disadvantages for users. Its benefits are also extended to publishers and advertisers by fostering a direct connection between the two groups. This represents a robust solution for all key participants in the digital ads ecosystem.

Unveiling a new era

This is an era that will recognize the significant roles of regular everyday internet users and place them at a vantage position of achieving rewards. This is a sector that has so far been treated as bargaining chips and marketing targets with no significant compensation. The blockchain system gives these users superior control over personal data, positioning them for future benefits in the long run.

CoinMarketCap remains the leading crypto data service provider. The platform continues with its routine research, and purpose-driven incorporation of technologies that surround the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. Kind Ads leads the way in digital advertising as we await other innovations within the ecosystem that will find the eventual implementation.


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