PR Chain-Global Media Credibility Platform, Soon to be listed on Digital Currency Exchange on 15th

PR chain, a platform designed to create a compliant, reasonable, fair, just, effective and innovative community-based incentive mechanism, which will be listed for the first time on August 15th at the AUEX. PR Chain solves the problem of credibility in media industry through blockchain technology, which will be applied in traditional media industry in the beginning to crack down the proliferation of false information and then ultimately promote the healthy development of the entire media industry.

PR Chain Seeks to Reshape Global Media Environment

PR chain perfectly monetizes media traffic and media content through blockchain technology, and completes point-to-point and node-to-node connection. Regarding the questioning of media content, the distributed accounting technology of blockchain technology can accurately trace the source of the publication and ensure that the media information is not tampered with, which fundamentally guarantees the credibility and quality of the media source content.

At the same time, the PR chain motivates to the greatest extent media content creators, value transmitters and recipients of content, and thus establishes a fair, just, open and transparent media credibility system. PR Chain is committed to promote PR-INDEX, the most accepted trustworthy media credibility index. Breaking down the user’s secondary barriers through blockchain technology, fully expanding the boundaries between the media and the community, encouraging and expanding users to participate in the creation of high-quality content and the dissemination of good content value. Breaking down user’s dimensional barriers with blockchain technology, fully expanding the boundaries of media and community, encouraging participation from more users in the creation of high-quality content and the spread of its value.

PR Chain Never Forgets Why It Started While Developing Fast

A few days ago, the PR chain has invited a number of investment institutions to conduct roadshows, and for three consecutive days, they displayed project blueprints for investors in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. Just like the hot weather, investors are also highly enthusiastic about the PR chain project, especially the advanced technology, the team’s rich experience and efficient execution.

Based on the mature technology of Israel Synereo, PR chain has formed a strategic alliance with Synereo, who promised to vigorously publicize PR Chain in overseas markets under cooperative relationship with it. Other partners of Synereo will also establish strategic and technical cooperation with PR Chain. At the same time, Synereo co-founder Anderson McCutcheon also officially joined PR Chain and became a member of the consultant team. Undoubtedly, Synereo’s strong technology and rich experience in the blockchain will guarantee the success of PR Chain.

The founding team of PR Chain is not only doing a great career, but also reshaping the media industry. Meanwhile, they are also hoping to reward their motherland with sincere hearts. The enterprise cultural declaration of PR Chain makes China more dynamic!

PR Chain Token Listed on Exchange, with High Community Rewards

• Total: 6.6 billion pieces
Foundation Management: 33.50%
Community incentives: 30.00%
• The PR Chain has distributed rich candy to members of the community, and plans to use up to 30% of the token share to reward community users. In the future, PR Chain will regularly repurchase PRZ holders on the market to protect the rights of investors.

Currently Scheduled to Be Listed on Exchange on August 15

With a natural application condition and environment, PR Chain has gradually improved the technology of the system, built a large consensus community and accumulated rich partner resources after a year’s exploration. It will be listed on August 15th on the world’s leading digital currency exchange. The founding team of the PR chain said this will be the beginning of a new journey. PR Chain worth the long-term attention from all walks of life!

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