Thai Police Arrest Suspects in Connection to $24 Million Crypto Scam


Authorities in Thailand have apprehended a 27-year old actor, Jiratpisit “Boom” Jaravijit allegedly involved in a $24 million cryptocurrency scam. Jiratpisit was arrested on the set of a film shoot in Chatuchak district on Wednesday, 8 August following a complaint that he fraudulently lured a foreigner into investing 797 million Baht in cryptocurrency.

As part of a seven-man operation, Jiratpisit alongside his older brother and sister allegedly collected the large sum from a Finnish man identified as Aarni Otava Saarimaa, who said he had been lured into transferring his money in the form of bitcoin. Otava Saarimaa complained to the police that Jiratpisit and his siblings convince him that they were investing in several cryptocurrencies and would be able to buy shares in a company that invests in a new crypto called “Dragon Coin.”

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Jiratpisit has been detained on charges of collusion in money-laundering activity, which he denies, however, his arrest warrant was issued since 26th July, by the Criminal Court in Thailand. According to the Bangkok Post, a local news outlet, Aarni Otava, and other investors suspected foul play when they did not receive dividends from their supposed investment or an invitation to a shareholders’ meeting.

The Thailand Crime Suppression Division (CSD) told Bangkok Post on August 9, that the criminals withdrew the BTC from their e-wallets and then converted it into Thai baht, it was then remitted to their various bank accounts. Since then, Jiratpisit’s, his older brother and sister are also facing arrest warrants.

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Scammers are always actively developing new and improved ways to cheat people and rob them of their hard-earned money. Recently, a South Korean firm Shinil Group, is currently under investigations for $130 billion ‘treasure ship’ gold claims The company allegedly claimed that it has discovered the existence of a Russian warship that sank some 113 years ago near South Korea’s Ulleung Island and holding about 150 trillion won ($131 billion) worth of gold.


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