Seedit – Tron (TRX) Payment Platform – Is Ready To Launch Tron (TRX) Transactions on Twitter

Tron (TRX) – the eleventh largest digital currency in the world by market cap – has been making waves in the crypto space over the months. The blockchain project recently launched its Mainnet and it has achieved quite a lot after the launch. After the launch of its Mainnet, it has launched its Virtual Machine and it currently has some ongoing project, including the Tron Super Representative campaign.

Tron has secured a lot of partnerships and listings over the months, and it recently launched its official TronWallet for Android, adding that the wallet will come to iOS soon.

Seedit Ready to Launch on Twitter

Seedit – a Tron (TRX) payment platform – is ready to bring Tron (TRX) transaction on Twitter. Seedit is aimed at giving people the ability to send Tron (TRX) token across the globe in an instant using several social media platforms.

Seedit’s Tweet

According to a post on Twitter, Seedit has been tested on Twitter and it is ready for launch. Adding that soon, users will be able to $TRX #GoSeedit to their favorite musicians, authors, bloggers, and family.

Seedit was developed by Sesameseed (Tron Super Representative) – a firm that is founded in LA. The platform is aiming to expand after its launch on Telegram. The ultimate goal of the firm is to give Tron (TRX) traders, investors, and HODLers a seamless way of sending Tron (TRX) tokens to their favorite developers, musicians, bloggers, authors, family and friends, and content creators.

Although the firm has confirmed the successful completion of the testing phase, it’s yet to release an exact date that Seedit will be deployed on the social media platform.

TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)

At the time of writing, Tron (TRX) is trading at $0.0227 after a decrease of about 10 percent over the past twenty-four hours. The digital currency now boasts of a market cap of $1.49 billion and a trading volume of $127.08 million over the past twenty-four hours.


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