Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin donated $2.4 million in Ether to SENS research foundation

Anti-aging research receives $2.4 million in Ether from Vitalik Buterin

Recently, Vitalik Buterin who is the co-founder of Ether donated $2.4 mn to SENS research foundation. The co-founder of the foundation is Aubrey de Grey and the organization was founded in 2009. It is currently researching rejuvenation therapies which are suitable for human beings among various age groups.

According to Vitalik Buterin, aging is a problem which is faced by each and every human being. Owing to this very reason, it is high time that some or the other organization actually looks to tackle this problem head-on. According to the co-founder of Ethereum, he was impressed by the research which has been undertaken by the organization up until now. Owing to this very reason, he decided to donate to the organization.

Buoyant cryptocurrency markets:

The donation was also aided by the buoyant cryptocurrency markets which have increased the value of most of the cryptocurrencies in the last 12 to 16 months. Same is the case with Ethereum as well.

In the recent times, cryptocurrencies have come under the cloud and have fallen by 20% or so. However, still the valuations of most of these cryptocurrencies are above $ 25 billion and the co-founders have been holding a large chunk of these cryptocurrencies owing to which, they are holding a lot of money as well. This is one of the main reasons why they are looking to donate to their favorite charities.
Also, it also highlights the fact that the co-founder of these cryptocurrencies are looking into a various niche in order to fuel the research or to bring about viable solutions to the problems which have been facing mankind since a long period of time. This is one of the main reasons why this donation is pretty important as well.

With that being said, the rise which is happening in the prices of cryptocurrencies once again is bound to make the co-founder of these cryptocurrencies much more valuable as well. In the future, more such investments from the cryptocurrency cofounders can be expected as well as they support the charities which they think are doing a good enough job. Thus, the trend of such charities continuing in the Bitcoin and blockchain space would actually continue in the future as well.

It remains to be seen,the charities which are funded by the cryptocurrency cofounders in the future as they try to fund the projects which they perceive to be valuable. For now, however, such a large donation from a cryptocurrency co-founder seems to be unheard of.

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