Ontology (ONT) Announces Partnership with Spuul – Bollywood Streaming Service – To Develop Spokkz

On the 13 August, Ontology (ONT) announced its partnership with a content decentralized application backed by Spuul – Spokkz. Spuul is a video streaming platform that provides sixty million users the ability to watch, download, and stream more than ten thousand hours of Bollywood movies.

Ontology (ONT) Partners with Spuul

The recent partnership between ontology and Spuul will guarantee that the new developments that will take place on the Dapp – Spokkz, will be developed on the Mainnet of Ontology (ONT).

Li Jun’s Statement

The founder of Ontology (ONT) – Li Jun, said that “the fundamental modules that have been built and currently being enriched by Ontology (ONT) are all associated with real business scenarios, so they are pleased to work with Spuul.”

Spuul also said that the collaboration will enable it to utilize the technology of the technical infrastructure of the digital currency firm, hence allow for a larger users base.

The digital currency token of Ontology – ONT – is generally used for real-world application and networks of enterprises that need multiple ledger support. The blockchain project is also known for: distributed data exchange, distributed identity framework, and distributed data exchanges.

The blockchain project was recently in the news when it was announced that the digital currency will be added for transactions on the Ledger digital currency wallet. The firm has announced that the process of validation for the third-party app will be given guidelines that will guarantee stress-free transactions.

Ontology (ONT) Releases a New Desktop Wallet – OWallet

The latest collaboration with Spuul came right after the blockchain project announced the launch of OWallet v0.8.1 – Ontology (ONT) desktop wallet. The new wallet also carries out other functions such as designing new wallets, claiming ONG, and receiving and sending tokens.

Ontology (ONT) Price Today – ONT / USD


Ontology (ONT) is currently valued at $1.21 after a decrease of about 18 percent over the past twenty-four hours. The market cap of the digital currency is $183.31 million with a trading volume of $23.34 million over the past twenty-four hours.

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