EOS Is Trapped In A Contracting Triangle As It Launches The ‘EOS For All Mandate’

EOS has found itself stuck in a contracting triangle that is taking a slope downside. The price is retracing from the higher end of the triangle but there is still time left for a breakout. The EOS to USD trading trading per has had a 3% rise in price trading at $5.07. It is now stuck in a downward channel as it is retracing from the higher end of the triangle. Any other move downside will lead to a breakout and change the price trend to the opposite direction.

EOS Price Today – EOS / USD


The price of EOS needs to recover soon if there is any hope for an upward price correction. The EOS to USD trading pair must break through the contracting triangle and change the price action from negative to positive. This way, EOS will trade in favor of the bulls and the price will improve.

EOS Alliance – EOS For All

Today, the EOS Alliance was launched and it is made up of a group of EOS community members and block producers from all over the world. The EOS Alliance will be in charge of coordinating the future projects that are aimed at promoting the EOS blockchain. They will provide a platform for transparent and collaborative decision making which will also permit information sharing within the EOS community.

The EOS Alliance is a non-profit organization that will facilitate education and communication within the EOS community. They will handle matters that concern block producers, token holders and other stakeholders in the EOS community. The EOS Alliance is backed by dozens of stake holders in the EOS community and this includes over 12 EOS Block Producers.

The mandate, EOS for all, will be aimed at curating and coordinating different projects within the EOS community. It will facilitate language conversations across multiple languages, check executive power over the EOS blockchain, clerify recommendations from workgroups and facilitate discussions. The alliance will kick off with seven board members and expand as needed as time passes.


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