Zilliqa [ZIL] prepare for New Testnet Launch

The Zilliqa team has reminded its community of the upcoming launch of a new version of its test network (testnet). On Wednesday, Zillliqa released a description of the testnet for its Japanese audience.

Scilla: A new smart-contract Language

According to the post, which mirrored a similar announcement in June, the highly anticipated testnet V2 will support a new smart contract language, Scilla and bring a new level of security to decentralized applications (DApps) that run on the network.

Zilliqua noted that “it is extremely important to ensure that a smart contract deployed on a blockchain is bug-free and safe,” This is critical because “[smart contracts] are run in a Byzantine environment, where, every party involved with a contract can potentially be malicious.”

It explained that Scilla was a response to the flaws of past smart contract languages which led to preventable incidents like the DAO hack and the Parity bug. The development of Scilla is in line with Zilliqa’s major objectives—to solve the scalability issue in blockchains and also to create a secure environment for developers to build smart contract applications.


Feature and Improvements from Zilliqa [ZIL] V2 Testnet

The testnet, codenamed D24, will allow developers to create and deploy smart contracts using the Scilla language either through the blockchain IDE mode or the Interpreter IDE mode.

The team listed a host of improvements that come with the testnet V2 including improvements on stability, mining, and dev-ops. In the new version, for instance, any node has the capability of re-joining the network at the next DS epoch when it gets out of sync or disconnected from the system.

With the release of testnet V2 launch, Zilliqa will take a step closer to the launch of its Mainnet which was originally planned for this quarter but has now been postponed until January 2019. In June, the project announced a developer grant worth $5 million to encourage to encourage the development and adoption of applications that are built on its platform.

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