IOTA (MIOTA) Shows Bullish Signs Even After Major Setback 

The IOTA (MIOTA) to USD trading pair recently suffered a major setback that was due to the crisis within IOTA foundation. The altcoin lost more than 50% of its value within a two month period. Irrespective of the negativity in the market and within the IOTA community, the cryptocurrency is has shown some bullish signs with a 12% increase in value within a 24 hour period. The bullish wave may be a direct result of the recent developments within the IOTA community regarding the promotion of the blockchain.

IOTA (MIOTA) Price Today – MIOTA / USD


IOTA (MIOTA) To USD During Controversy

The internal conflict within the IOTA foundation is no news. Apparently, it directly led to a 30% decline in price within a 2-week period according to the reports on Coinfrenzy. The conflict was between Sergey Ivancheglo and Dominik Schiener. The good news is that the cryptocurrency started recovering afterwards. During the disagreement, IOTA critics and enthusiasts on social media concluded that the biggest problem within IOTA foundation is communication. The good news is that the issues have been resolved and the price of IOTA is bullish thanks to new developments.

Upcoming And Ongoing IOTA Developments That Have Influenced The Price

Tangle With IOTA

IOTA has been exploring Tangle for a while now. The Tangle project won an award as one of the most innovative projects at Munich. The project is aimed as exploring numerous applications of blockchain technology. The latest Tangle test was conducted by a blockchain research institute, Delloite. Tangle isn’t the same as other blockchains in the market. It is going to enable risk free transactions as soon as it is perfected.

IOTA JavaScript Library

Three days ago, IOTA foundation announced the release of the beta version of the Javascript Library. The product is now available in the 1.0.0 beta version according to the developer and owner, Jakub Chech. This JavaScript library allows members of the IOTA community to make changes and create codes without having to be members of the internal team. The final version will be user friendly and more accessible to community members.


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