Charles Hoskinson Tells The Cardano (ADA) Community About Exciting New Projects

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Every Cardano enthusiast knows that the team has been working on a secret project. CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson just revealed the details of the project. Many members of the cryptocurrency market have expressed their optimism towards Cardano viewing it as one of the best new generation blockchain projects. With the team working hard to fulfill the goal of the project, the blockchain is set for a lot of development.

Exciting New Projects For The Cardano Blockchain According To Charles Hoskinson

Everyone knows that Charles Hoskinson is passionate about the Cardano blockchain as he spends most of his time working on case uses and promotion of the blockchain. The Cardano roadmap was recently amended to give room for more opportunities on the blockchain. The idea was to enable higher heights and Charles Hoskinson seems to be excited about the new projects they have in store.

While talking about the Cardano secret projects, Hoskinson said that Yoroi and Icarus will soon be welcomed into the Cardano family. Icarus is an open source code created by IOHK developers as a first step in a project aimed at developing open source initiatives that will provide tool suites for Cardano developers. The new tools for developers will be launched in the next Cardano frontier. This new development will change the game for Cardano and present a major competition for the Ethereum blockchain.

The new project is going to promote mass migration to Cardano by developers on other blockchains including Ethereum. As soon as the Icarus project is launched, Cardano will offer more value to developers than Ethereum and even Bitcoin. Yoroi, on the other hand, is a client wallet developed by Emurgo. It is going to be another game changer in the blockchain industry.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


Unfortunately, all the good news and hard work of the Cardano team isn’t enough to push the price of Cardano away from red. Within the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has been trading in red and has lost up to 3.84% of its value against the USD. However, the entire market is currently negative so Cardano should not be isolated.


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