Ontology (ONT) Implements DID On Its Distributed Ledger Technology After Bitcoin And Ethereum 

Following Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ontology has implemented DID. DID, is a globally unique identifier that runs on the distributed ledger technology. The DID can be developed by any entity on different distributed roots of trust that are independent. The entity of origin will, in turn, be singled out by a unique identifier. DID doesn’t require any central authority for registration because it is built on the distributed ledger technology.

Ontology Implements DID

The entity behind DID can customize it to taste. It can be verified by proofs such as biometrics, digital signatures and other forms of privacy settings. With DID, the need for centralized registers are eliminated and there will be no need for bars on a public key infrastructure that is centralized. Ever since the announcement was made by Ontology, onlookers have expressed their optimism towards the future of the blockchain. The announcement was made on the 21st of August on the official Ontology Twitter handle. Apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ontology is the only blockchain project to implement DID.

Ontology Partners With Infinito Wallet And ALLIVE

The implementation of DID isn’t the only good news from the Ontology platform. On the 17th of August, the partnership between Ontology and Infinito Wallet was announced. The announcement was made on the official blog of Infinito Wallet. It stated that Ontology and Infinito Wallet are coming together to build a strategic partnership for the sake of technological collaboration. The idea is to change the game in the industry. Already, the Infinito Wallet supports Ethereum Classic [ETC],Ethereum [ETH], Bitcoin [BTC], Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash [BCH], GAS, Litecoin [LTC], EOS, and Dash. The wallet also supports NEP-5 and ERC20 standard tokens.

Ontology (ONT) Price Today – ONT / USD


On the 20th of August, Ontology also announced that it has entered into partnership with ALLIVE to explore the application of blockchain technology in the Healthcare sector. In November last year, ALLIVE declared full support for the Ontology blockchain.


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