Bitcoin Cash Code May Be On The Verge Of A Split 

For some days now, Bitcoin Cash developers have been in an all out war. This war might end with Bitcoin Cash code being split in two. Having originated from Bitcoin core because of the scaling issues that caused a debate last year, the stakeholders at Bitcoin Cash appeared to have one mind regarding the goal of boosting the block size of Bitcoin Cash to attract more users and enable more transactions. Unfortunately, the organization is now plagued with dispute about the technology.

Bitcoin Cash Code To BE Split In Two

The declaration of war among developers was made clear with the implementation of Bitcoin ABC. This software is made up of different upgrades which includes a feature that supports atomic swaps. Atomic swap is trading one cryptocurrency for another without using the services of traditional exchanges. While the interoperable coins are typically an exciting development for many other cryptocurrency projects, some people within the Bitcoin Cash community are not happy about it.

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Bitcoin Cash

One of the leading opposers to this system is the CEO is nChain, Craig Wright. He is also a cryptographer who has claimed to be the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Teaming up with Calvin Ayre, the founder of CoinGeek, he is leading the resistance against the new implementation with another implementation called Bitcoin SV.

The Bitcoin SV pushes the Bitcoin Cash block size to 128 MB from 32 MB. It also scraps the Bitcoin ABC scripts and replaces them with its own.

The announcement of the Bitcoin ABC was as follows:

“Bitcoin SV is meant to provide a clear choice for Bitcoin Cash implementation for all miners who support the original vision of Bitcoin regarding implementations that require unnecessary changes to the Bitcoin protocol.”

While fighting with developers about the correct technical direction for the cryptocurrency isn’t stranger, this particular fight may lead to a code split of Bitcoin Cash. The Bitcoin Cash SV and Bitcoin Cash ABC are incompatible and the groups behind the implementation want to run the code changes in November. If both software are implemented by November, there will be a chain split that will create a competing cryptocurrency.


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