Moneroworld Premium Beta Is Coming Soon After The Launch Of Monerujo


A new system that allows a public remote node to be used in paying a node operator with hashes for services has been developed by a Moneromooo user. According to the reports on Reddit, users can build their own infrastructure on the Monero blockchain and bypass mining pool centralization. It is called the Moneroworld Premium.

Users To Run Their Own Premium Code With The Development Of Moneroworld Premium

Any user who is interested in running their unique premium code on the blockchain will be able to do so by compiling the share-rpc branch of the Moneromooo repo. This will allow you to convert your blockchain to v3 and you’ll be unable to use the current software anymore. The conversion process is going to take some time. Users who want to offer their premium codes bind to 18090, or any code other than 18089, 18081, need to be ready to encounter the system before the time according to the post of Reddit. If you want to use a wallet to connect, you’ll need to compile the same branch and use your compiled Monero-wallet-cli.

Monero (XMR) Price Today – XMR / USD


According to a Monerujo developer, the team of developers will not be able to get their rewards in hashes since goggle forbids mining apps. However, they will be able to get hashes by adding a secret rpc key when trying to connect to a node. Users can add the secrets rpc after adding the daemon management screen and after the functionality is on the Mainnet.

Monerujo Application Update

Recently, the release of the Monerujo app update was one of the announcements that brought joy to the user and developer community. Monerujo is an open source mobile app that allows individuals to create XMR wallets as well as manage them. The 1.6.3 update was released last week. This new update was full of many significant changes that make it superior to the previous one.

One of the features allows users to create XMR wallets on desktop GUI using a ledger Nano S. This wallets can also be managed through a mobile device.


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