Owner Suggests An Intervention For The Possible Bitcoin Cash Civil War 

Yesterday, reported that the Bitcoin Cash network is on the verge of splitting into two halves. For more information about the cause of the split, click here. Following the start of the controversy, several known figures in the cryptocurrency industry have been providing input on how to resolve the conflict or reach a compromise. The owner of has also contributed to the discussion and his plan to avoid a spilt just might work.  

How Owner – Cobra – Intends To Resolve The Conflict

With the launch of what he refers to as a reliable and safe full node implementation of Bitcoin Cash, Cobra hopes to prevent the war within the Bitcoin Cash developer community. According to Cobra, the Bitcoin ABC and nChain protocols do not have enough consensus to justify activation yet. The Cobra Client will save the network from permanent damage because it will not adopt the canonical transaction ordering or the opcode activations that have been proposed by the development teams of Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin nChain.

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The Cobra client includes a replay protection algorithm that ensures that all users will be safe from replay attacks as long as they run the software. A replay attack happens when the same transaction is broadcasted on several blockchain forks at the same time. If the network eventually splits into several clients after the November implementation, users running the Cobra client will not be affected.

Before he announced the implementation of his client, Cobra said that he tried to broker a peace among developers behind the scenes. He claims that the BCH stakeholders, who account for a quarter of the total network hashrate, did not heed his council. He says some of the stakeholders support the Cobra client implementation but he didn’t not disclose their identities.

The owner of isn’t the first cryptocurrency figure that has tried to broker a peace within the Bitcoin Cash developer community. Bitcoin Unlimited, has announced that it will make software updates that will support Bitcoin ABC and nChain alike to give miners more control.


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